Brain…the most powerful weapon which can just do anything impossible…

But the saddest part is we feed it with junk…


Yes, we are too much conscious about what diet we are going to eat, how much nutrition to be provided, how much carolie to be burned, which yoga is good for what, how much should be BMI etc But what about our Brain?

Yaa good health will boost brain power but why we take only physical health as criteria when mental health is as well important?

What this junk actually is? 

Junk is something which is not useful and in  deteriorates our energy and capacity. 

           Junk can be about anything..  talking about  bad qualities of others or blaming ourself too much, or may be watching shows that  demotivates us, or having addiction ,having negative emotions towards others, unnecessary  worries ,wrong beliefs,superstitions,etc … So why not lets clear all this things in brain?

When we see kids they are fully energetic why this happens ? Adults are grown up and have experience but what makes kids to enjoy their moment most?

           Only reason behind this is they dont feed brain with junk infact there brain is freshed thats why they can learn faster and enjoy better then us!

     We feed our brain with those thoughts that are not good neither for us nor for society. For example..thinking in mind about past unpleasant situations or worrying about future or simply not living in present is another problem!

Sometimes we dont realise it but every negative situation, negative thoughts and negative emotions have bad impact on our minds…

The food we eat should be as freshed as much possible right similarly our thoughts also acts as food to brain and gives energy to it

Suppose if  a person want to crack exam and in this situation he may have 1000 distractions may be his health is unwell ,may be family related problems,or may be simply social distractions,competition etc

              But what gives him motivation is one postitive thought that he must do it and he can crack exam. 

So what we think in mind and say to ourself in mind matters a lot!     

And what we think is highly influenced by things we see,hear,people around us and experience we get.

If you want to change your life focus on your thoughts! Focus on all those things that makes you feel bad and try to understand the root of it. Problems will be easy then and life will be simpler . Avoiding negative things and junky thoughts can make us happy as we were in childhood.

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