You start to feel that seasonal tug—that literal call of the wild—sometime in September: Must see all the leaves! Fall foliage is here and, before you know it, gone. And while many dappled vantage spots will do, Colorado is one of the very best areas in the country to view autumn’s kaleidoscope of color—and a road trip lets you see this state showing off at a slew of dappled spots. But how can you savor mother nature’s show while traveling responsibly? We found four unforgettable routes that help you Do Colorado Right, both on the road and off, with vividly hued stops and eco-friendly, and low-impact experiences. 

One important tip before you leave for the leaves: Depending on your route, you can go ahead and rent an electric vehicle (or drive your own EV without stressing about your next recharge), because Colorado is meeting sustainable, eco-friendly road trip demand by electrifying all of its 26 scenic and historic byways (the most of any state in the nation). This means drivers will have access to fast-charging stations at intervals no greater than 100 miles between a byway’s start and end, giving you EV access to the Centennial State’s most stunning destinations for fall foliage. So far, 10 byways have received this designation, including several of those below.

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