Competition, comparison and judgments…


When we are born we are compared with our siblings, later with friends,colleagues etc,…no matter how great you are but when compared,either you will be better or lesser in the point of view of others. If you are lesser then you will be in a state of sadness,self doubt,lack of self esteem and jealousy. But if  you are in better position then you will be in a state of high ego, high self esteem, over confident and too much proud of yourself. 

Either stage is not good…because of competitions relations are badly effected and indirectly life is effected.

Competition gives birth to comparison.

Along with marks ,money , health people  are also compared by physical appearanceThe way we look, if a person is thin, fat, too tall or too short, ugly or whatever it is we are compared and we will even compare others.

 See whatever we are ,we are just creature of divine universe which itself is beautiful. Thus our existence is beautiful and similarly others existence is also beautiful. Its just that we are not seeing from positive side. 

What is need of comparision? 

We all are human beings. we all have certain strength and certain weakness. Thus what is our weakness can be the strength of other and what is our strength can be weakness of other. Instead of just comparison,  why cant we enhance life? why cant we start living at present and enjoy life as best as possible?


Competition,Comparison and judgement all goes together. When people are compared they will be judged. People have tendency to judge others by physical appearance, financial position and status in society. But the fact is all of them have certain limitations and with one bad move health ,wealth,status in society can be badly effected.

When we go to school we are  judged by our marks, at office by salary, at marriage by partner looks and status,at parenthood by our upbringings,at older stage by our health. Thus at every stage we are just judged.

◆In the way of proving others where is our  happiness?

In the way of earning high marks, high salary….proving others our capabilities, in the way of trying to be better then others, are we even living our best? 

◆As main focus is only to improve what others feel about us how can this improve our life which is more concerned to  what we actually feel at the moment?

Life is  not said to be best with the piece of paper so called marksheet or money but it is said to be best only if we enjoy each and every moment. Money and marks do plays important role in life but it is not life itself right?

◆ In the world of  competition,comparison and judgement  are we even allowing ourself  and others to live freely ?

We all are aware of this things but yet we very easily leave our happiness and lock ourself with the world of race ,critics, comparison, judgements with the emotions of ego and jealousy are we not losing who we are?

I have felt that people just depress themself in order to impress others. They keep on trying to prove themself which might not even be necessary.◆ Its our life why we see from others eyes and give importance to their judgement?

  In reality most of people who criticise you either wants to pull you down or satisfy their ego…only few of them really care for us.

It looks like people are so insensitive to pass on their judgements without even understanding the impact on others.

Conclusion :

Thus, If you are victim of competition judgements and comparison try to understand yourself and improve for yourself not for others.

See if people compare us we can try to convince our self and look into positive values of us. But why are we  ourself judging others? cant we stop doing so? What is a need of doing so? There is difference between advising and judging that is what we must understand first. 

If you are criticizing others then please stop it! We are not here to hurt others but to spread happiness right?

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