Crystal Experts Say This Stone Is Perfect For Scorpio & Sagittarius


According to crystal expert and co-founder of Zenchronocity, Nicole Michelena, topaz is one of the best crystals to have in your arsenal, because it supports a variety of endeavors. For one thing, she says, it’s a stone of true love and success.

November is also a transitional month, she adds, and topaz reminds us to look at the big picture and embrace the shifts and adventure of change. It is, after all, the birthstone for Sagittariuses born in November, which speaks to this stones dynamic and expansive energy. (Sag is easily known to be the most adventure-seeking sign.)

In fact, as Van Doren previously explained, topaz can be particularly beneficial for Scorpios and Sagittarians born in November. It helps to balance “both Scorpios’ and Sagittariuses’ tendencies to sometimes get a little too wrapped up in their own stories and balances any tendencies toward selfishness and self-absorption,” she says, adding it can also help elevate your vibration to the highest level possible.

And as Michelena notes, topaz is also really helpful for manifesting and visualizing what you want. “It’s one of those really great stones used during meditation to calm the nervous system, but it also allows a lot of energy into the body. So especially if you’re doing a lot of instrumental meditation, or you’re doing visualizations, this is a great stone that’ll help increase that frequency and energy around you,” she tells mbg.

In terms of working with topaz, simply meditating with it, having it on your person, or keeping it somewhere meaningful in your home will do the trick. In terms of wearing it, Michelena says it’s particularly good to wear as earrings or a necklace, and if you have a topaz ring, to wear it on your ring finger.


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