Curious About Skin Cycling? Here's How To Layer Products On Recovery Night


For the final step, you want to apply an occlusive layer on top. This way, all of that hydration you just poured into your skin will stay there (as opposed to evaporating into the air). You can choose between an oil or a balm, Bowe says, depending on your preference. 

“When it comes to oils, I recommend oils that are not going to clog the pores, so things like squalane or rose hip oil,” she says. However, some people still don’t like the feeling of oils, despite knowing that many do not, in fact, clog pores. If that sounds like you, then a balm may be a better fit. “The mix of oils with the other ingredients in the balm is less likely to break some of my patients out,” Bowe says. When shopping for your favorite balm, just be sure to use one specifically formulated for the face. 


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