Like we noted, face yoga won’t magically change the composition of your face, but it may help tone the overall appearance with time. Plus, daily rituals are important — especially if it means you’re spending more time caring for your skin.

In addition, it may mean you’re thinking more about your daily expressions, notes facial yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu. And this can mean you’re more mindful about how you move your face, which could result in fewer expression lines with time.

For example: The practice helps you become aware of those unconscious expressions you might not think twice about (like, say, a furrowed brow as you slouch over your desk).

“I truly believe 20% of the benefits is the exercise itself, but 80% of the results come from the fact that you’re paying attention to your facial expressions throughout the day,” Takatsu explains. “You catch yourself tightening your shoulders or tensing the forehead.” 

This theory is anecdotal, but Takatsu has been practicing and teaching facial yoga for years and swears by the method.

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