Each esthetician has their own unique style, but every type of facial includes some type of exfoliation—a peel, a mask, a scrub, etc. After giving your skin a good cleanse (feel free to steam, too, if you’re feeling fancy), Rouleau recommends grabbing an acid-infused chemical exfoliant. “Acids lower the skin’s pH to dissolve the keratin or ‘glue’ keeping dry, dead, and discolored cells stuck to the skin’s surface,” she says. 

Of course, she recommends her cult-favorite Triple Berry Smoothing Peel, which comes loaded with skin-smoothing AHAs (glycolic, lactic, malic, mandelic, phytic, and tartaric acids), one PHA (gluconolactone), and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts. It looks, feels, and smells like berry jam, but you’ll definitely feel those spicy acids at work when you smear it on your skin. Personally, I use this peel whenever I feel a sudden breakout rearing its head—the mask flattens those textural concerns overnight.

After you dissolve those dead skin cells, Rouleau recommends following up with a physical exfoliant, like a gentle facial scrub. Now, you might think two forms of exfoliation will be way too harsh for your complexion—and you should always know your limits if you have hypersensitive skin—but manually lifting that dead skin is key for an instantly glowing visage. “[After] dead skin cells have been loosened by your peel, a scrub will give you the lifting action you need to actually buff those cells away,” explains Rouleau. “This reveals the healthy, fresh cells underneath.” 

That’s why she recently launched her Triple Berry Smoothing Scrub (the sister product to the aforementioned peel), which calls upon gentle, biodegradable jojoba beads to buff the skin smooth while protecting the moisture barrier. “Plus it includes the same brightening, antioxidant berry blend as the peel,” Rouleau adds. 

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