Do This To Find Genuine Happiness In Your Life, Says A Successful Entrepreneur


“A decent forward-looking indicator of your success is the ratio of time you spend sweating to watching other people sweat,” Galloway declares. “Show me somebody who does Pilates, works out, boxes, runs four or five times a week, and uses sports as a means of establishing relationships in the company of others, and I’ll show you someone who is good at life.” 

In terms of happiness, we know exercise is associated with mood-boosting properties. See, when you exercise, your heart rate increases and your body pumps more oxygen to your brain, and that process can affect your overall positivity: Multiple studies have found that a well-oxygenated brain helps manage anxiety and depression, and research has shown exercise may help alleviate depression and anxiety overall.

“I’m not saying be ripped; I’m not saying be super skinny. I’m saying be the strongest version of yourself,” Galloway adds. “You want to be happier, more likely to succeed, decrease your likelihood of depression, be more kind, [and] you want to have a broader selection of mates? Simple sweat.” 


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