Do we even care ourself  as mobile?

Mobile ….like really ? Do we even care ourself as a mobile?

I have took mobile  as example because it has became the most important thing in most of our lives..and so that many people can relate it.

So lets get started…

Do we even care ourself as mobile?

1.Charging 100%

We always charge our phone…we never forget it…even if battery is not so low …still we charge it. Why? Obviously without charging we cant use phone but what about ourself?  Have you ever filled with 100% energy? Just like when we were kids…??  Yaa…I am not just speaking about eating properly but also about the flow of energy in our body..which is badly hampered by negative thoughts and lack of being in present moment!


When brightness of our phone is too low it doesn’t feel good to use…it feel irritating …Similarly your brightness,i.e, your smile is very important to attract others…Just be smiling, it acts as a very good gesture and looks like welcoming.. So keep smiling.

3.Deleting junk

When we require space we delete unwanted photos,videos etc Similarly we must delete negative recordings of negative events in our mind. So that we dont play it again and again.. and also we make out space for positivity..

4. Upgrading

We keep on updating and upgrading our phone so that it works more better then why dont we work upon upgrading ourself? How about catching a new information? How about feeding your brain with correct source of information so that you dont hang or stuck in the middle.

5.Clicking good pics

We just click so many pics to get that perfect pic which we wanted and delete the rest pics. Similarly why can’t we just store good moments in our life and ignore the unwanted things. If the situation was bad we must learn from it and leave it completely ..playing the same negative video again and again is of no use. Just select what moments you like and keep with yourself.

6.Downloading apps

As a mobile user we keep on downloading new apps so that we make the best use of our mobile. Similarly why dont we download a new set of skills in our system so that we  end up in making  best version of ourself!

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