Do you often ignore yourself ?  If no then just say me one thing you have done today to be happy…

It  can happen sometimes that work becomes priority, sometimes family ,sometimes friends and sometime social media but what we often ignore is our own self!

It is required to take care of ourself also!

What if we start caring about our health by getting up early,doing exercise,yoga,meditation etc Our health will be amazing. But we give excuse of not having time….

What if we try learning something new,or just get updated on what we already know?

Why can’t we stop worrying about unnecessary things and just follow our dreams?

The choice of being happy and sad is upto us!

Ignoring ourself ,giving more importance to people, forgeting our dream, forgeting small things that really makes us happy may be like having an hobby , travelling,shopping, experimenting,  listening music,
dancing,sketching , playing with rain, or just eating our favorite dishes etc.

It is very much required to do small things that give meaning to our life and make us smile.

 We are changing ourself in order to impress others,involved too much in social medias .. caring about  how much likes we get and what people will comment and comparing that with others…after all we all belong to same picture of… editing the reality !

Its good to be socially active but its great to stop comparing and worrying and having selfdoubt!

We try our best to impress others so that they don’t complain …but we never give chance to our ownself of complaining or just questioning about why we must change for others?

Love yourself and explore life!

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