Dear friends , 

Try not to think or waste your energy on the past events , because : Thinking about past events and setbacks will :

1. Cause a rise in emotional stress which causes a negative chain reaction in your precious body .

2. By thinking , you get anxious , tensed and frustrated , which will cause your body to suffer with muscle pains , nerve stress and head aches. 

3. Also it causes depression and finally you get angry , which causes you to fall ill frequently. 

4. In turn, there is a hormonal chemical reaction , where the cortisol levels and adrenaline levels rise , which leads to increase in HCL in your stomach and resulting in  gastritis and many other complications. 

5. So , What are you accomplishing friends?  Finally you are harming this precious life you have got as a human being .

6. Instead of thinking about past events and setbacks , use your full thoughts and energy to perform something productive , so that your name is there on this earth forever even after you leave this world. 

7. In this way , if you do something  productive , you will be an inspiration to this world. 

8. Life is very short , we can’t experience everything , but we have to learn from others experiences too !! REMEMBER GUYS !!

9. So, whatever you experience in life , share and spread to as many people you can , ASPIRE , INSPIRE !!!! UNTIL YOU EXPIRE !!!!!

10. Many human beings will respect you this way friends , do good , be good, help maximum people until you  are here on this earth !! 

11. This will fetch you an ultimate happiness of life guys . (you maybe thinking how to achieve real happiness ?? right?? )

12. It’s just like an ocean gives away it’s waters to many rivers , and the remaining water in the ocean is sweet . Similarly , just give and give whatever experiences you have !! knowledge you have !! Money you have !! Help poor people in need ………..!!!! Then you will realise this is the ultimate happiness of life . 

13. So , Don’t think about past, noone can change it , live in present , noone knows wat will happen in the future !!  today you are alive make maximum use of it !! 

All the best  for your life !!  

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