Does Coffee Boost Metabolism? Only If You Do This


For what it’s worth, caffeine itself has also been clinically shown to enhance energy utilization (calorie burn), thermogenic fat burn (lipolysis), and weight management6. So matcha lovers, don’t fret! In fact, tea has its own bevy of health benefits to note. That’s why you can find sources of caffeine in some high-quality metabolism-boosting supplements.

Of course, the way you prepare your brew can easily sabotage those metabolism-boosting benefits—like, say, if you load up your drink with artificial flavors and sugar. Make sure to keep your cup of coffee as clean as possible; if you do enjoy a hint of flavor, try to opt for natural sweeteners, like cinnamon, agave, or vanilla extract. 

And if you want to make your coffee even more gut-healthy? Try this doctor-approved hack to enhance your natural hunger cues. 


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