Don’t be a prisoner of past!


Easy to say, yet hard to adapt!

Yes but dont be a prisoner of past!

Everyone in life face problems… For some even small things have high impact and for others even big things doesn’ t even effect as it should.      Problems might not be in our hand but our response and the way we handle it is in our hand. 

But if u ask someone about their painful experience everyone will have something or some other things to share.

Its life. Things will happen…sometime one can experience pain of ill health or sometimes carreer can be a big mess…sometimes relationship are spoiled or sometimes name and fame or sometimes everything can happen together.

With every kind of pain one experience….each things squeeze us so much that we find life so unfair and uncertain. The intensity of pain makes people to even quit sometimes…..which is one of the worst thing.

Yes, life can be stressful, full of uncertain and can hit us very hard but as far as we are loyal,ethcal ,hardworking and  believe in goodness God protects us. Years later we find that the problems we faced was so much required and necessary or else the next problem could be nightmare. With problems and challenges we learn and grow. That makes us better person at the end only if we take in a postive note and dont give up.

But many times problem ends but we still hold the pain of it. Thus we become prisoner of past and experience pain as soon as it flashes .

Time heals pain…. we say so ,but sometimes people do not heal they are just left wounded.  Past is just like a story that one reread it again and again in mind. Sometimes more then the past the  problem is we keep rewinding it in our mind and just get stuck. It has nothing to do with your present scenario but as you are still thinking about past ….you are living your past in every present moment and as you are effected it will effect not just present but has high capacity to effect future also…

Time may reduce pain but happiness and positivity will only heal it. It all depends on how one protects his own happiness and survive in the challenges and face problems with the hope and smile in face.

Past can be great too…like sometimes past can be amazing then your present situation too. Past can be both good and bad but as human beings we give more importance to bad things rather then good. Its like the thing which hurts are played more in our minds comparatively  then things that makes us happy!

Those things grows where  focus is put more. Just like watering plants ,only those plants will grow which you water properly and remaining will not survive for longer.                                                                 Thus if you focus on bad things happened till now you will fail to see good things happened or happening and moreover you may attract more of bad things as your focus is on that.  

Thus whatever past situation could be ….one must understand that there are both the side good and the bad one. Certain things are lessons which are required for our growth, certain things happens to make us more strong, certain things shows us reality of the world or reality of our existence. 

At the end we all have limited time….and time keeps running…. Thus choose to learn lessons and let go …forget and forgive… Embrace today and be your happiest version.

Dont be a victim of problems or prisoner of past … a boss that create his or her own future.


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