Don't Bother Taking Ashwagandha If It's Not This Superstar Supplement


Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurveda for centuries, and today, has been shown in research to decrease cortisol levels1, the body’s stress hormone.*

As integrative physician Cindy Tsai, M.D. previously explained to mbg, “Ashwagandha helps to regulate various brain pathways and decrease cortisol levels overall so that we can stay calm and relaxed,” adding, “It’s soothing and especially helpful for those who are feeling ‘wired and tired,’ anxiousness, and stressed.”*

But the best way to get these benefits is to ensure your ashwagandha has high glycowithanolide content. Glycowithanolides are the unique plant compounds (aka phytonutrients) in ashwagandha that deliver its health benefits in the body, and ashwagandha extracts with a glycowithanolide content of 20% or higher are considered higher quality and more premium.

In terms of dosage, clinical research suggests that at a dose of 120 to 240 mg, ashwagandha extract can provide benefits of enhanced mood and stress relief2, along with a reduction in key stress biomarkers (e.g., cortisol).*


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