Dry, Wintry Skin Is No Fun — Keep Your Dew With This Routine


Dehydrated skin is a real bummer—and its not the same as having dry skin. Rather than a skin type, dehydrated skin is more of a situational skin condition—and luckily, it can be fixed. 

Of course, increasing your daily water intake is a must, but you should also look for ingredients that hydrate the skin from within. Remember that hyaluronic acid we mentioned earlier? Well, you can also drink HA to combat dry skin from within. Plus, it may even help with crepey skin and skin aging.

According to naturopathic doctor Nigma Talib, N.D., by the time you reach your 40s, you have around 50% of the HA you had during your younger years. And when your body’s hyaluronic acid declines, you may notice physical signs of skin aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and dry, dull skin. 

However, you can find a supplement to support your natural hyaluronic acid levels. These HA boosters most often come in capsule or powder form—here’s a quick list of the ones we’re loving for dewy skin


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