Animals matter a lot in our lives, especially dogs or cats. Those who love us unconditionally or every day by faith, and at the same time they seek love and faith in us from the depths of their heart.

Those who understand this matter; That love, emotion, etc. are also coded inside them, and that is why every little thing matters so much to them.

The story begins with a family bringing a dog home from an animal shelter. Some time ago a person went to adopt a ‘Golden Retriever dog‘. At that time he did not even know; That his family is going to learn such a lesson; How sensitive and emotional dogs can be.

They were very happy with the dog. The dog was very cute, ignorant and playful. It had everything that an owner wants in his dog. Everything was going well; But suddenly one night when the owner got up, he noticed the strange behavior of the dog. The person had put a small grill on the outside door of his bedroom so that the dog could not come into his bedroom.The owner noticed that the dog looked at him from the grill every night. And watched him sleep all night. In Suru, the owner thought that the dog was not familiar with the new home environment. But even after some time, this strange behavior of the dog did not go away and he kept on watching it all night long. In such a situation, the owner thought that it should be taken care of more. The owner took full care of him but still this strange behavior of him did not go. The dog used to watch the owner all night.
Distressed by this, the owner showed him to the doctors but his health was absolutely fine. Then the owner took him to the animal shelter and he told this to his people. The owner of the animal shelter heard tears after hearing what the owner told him about the dog.

People who work there actually told him that the previous owner of the dog had quietly left the dog and left him in the animal shelter at night. In fact, the previous owner did so; Because his wife was pregnant and he could no longer take care of the dog. Here, when the dog woke up he found himself in an animal shelter. This broke his heart badly. He realizes that his boss has betrayed him and left him.Then when he is re-adopted by a new owner, the dog did not dare to sleep at night due to its old past; He could not believe his new boss. He was afraid that he would not be sent by any shelter in the night like a boss. Due to this fear, he used to wake up in the night and see his master and was sure that his master was sleeping.

Published by Manoj Prajapati


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