Exactly What Your Zodiac Sign Needs To Know For This Month's New Moon


Capricorn, this new moon happens in your 12th house of spirituality, secrets, and the unconscious, so this is a deeper, quieter moon for you, according to Budd. As such, some of you might be looking at aspects of yourself you’ve kept hidden (AKA your shadow).

“You may need to come to terms with a few behaviors, habits, old wounds, and perspectives that are less productive, create difficulty within your relationships, negatively affect your health, or otherwise hold you back,” she explains. You may also, however, be ready to face and begin to transcend one or more of these things under the influence of this expansive moon.

She adds that Capricorns could have a bit more energy thanks to your ruling planet, Saturn, being in a favorable trine aspect with active Mars. “It’s a good time to exercise, start projects, make changes, take up new hobbies, and consider a new job,” she explains.

And if you’re experiencing expenses or challenges to your sense of security right now, she adds, make some plans to address the issue over the coming few months. “Most likely, you’ve prepared for some version of this. Now is a time to invest in your future and lay the structure for your intentions,” Budd notes.


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