Facing problems today?? Know what's the meaning of it? What's the purpose of today's problems?


 Dear friends, 

The problems you are facing today is the hard preparation for the main purpose of your life !!

Setbacks are always there in life , but never give up on anything .

” Just like before sun rises, the darkness is to it’s maximum extent 1 hour before sun rise”,  similarly , if there’s a thunderstorm of problems in your life which you can’t withstand. Be patient , at some point of time every problem will have a solution . 

==> At some later point of time in life , you will surely find a solution to your problem , stay calm !! Stay patient !! Nothing can defeat you , you are stronger than you think !! 

“when a problem is born in this universe , solution is also born at the same time ” , but it’s just that we are delaying to recognize the key to all those problems .  Well, if you are successful in finding those keys to your harsh problems , everything would get resolved .

“Sometimes there’s an entry of someone unknown person into our life , it’s just to help us in something or they seek help from us”, so never see anyone in your life as weaker or stronger” In fact everyone are equal in this universe , it;s just that someone is good at something else, you are good at yet another thing .

So guys , 

1. Face today’s problems.

2. Strengthen your soul.

3. Gain confidence, be brave and bold.

4. Have a strong will that you can break anything or face anything in this world.

5. Self confidence , self love , self care , braveness and boldness can make you hit the hardest of hardest things in this world , and can take you anywhere you want . 

“Faith in yourself in hardest times is crucial and important friends !! remember You are an energy !! “


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