Fine Lines, Dark Spots Or Shine? We Have A Face Moisturizer Rec for You


If I’m being honest, I don’t believe there are too many beauty products you actually need in your life. As a beauty enthusiast, I certainly enjoy trying all the latest and greatest tonics and elixirs. But do I need, need most of them? Well, no I don’t. 

But here’s one thing you do need: A good moisturizer. I may cycle in and out of other trendy products, but I’ll always have a moisturizer on hand. And you should too! When you’re on your hunt for one, know that a high-quality face lotion or cream should replenish the skin, strengthen your vital barrier, and protect it from any irritation. Those are the basic requirements, and from there there’s a decent amount of wiggle room to meet more specific skin type needs and skin care goals.   

As a beauty director, I’ve spent a lot of time testing out various options over the years. And here, I’ve rounded up my favorites on the market right now. To double check that the formulas are just as good as I remember, I decided to re-test options that I haven’t used in a while. I also got my hands on a few newer moisturizers that I hadn’t yet tried, and a few of those made the cut too. 

Take a look at the below. There just might be something that you, ahem, need. 


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