Fine Lines Or Large Pores? Try This Derm’s Hack To Make Textured Skin Look Dewy


We say it all the time in makeup tutorials: A striking face beat always starts with a hydrated, fresh canvas. Without a healthy base, cosmetics can look cakey and patchy, no matter how many creamy, dewy formulas you pile on.

And if you have textured skin (read: fine lines, large pores, acne scars, etc.), it’s even more important to focus on moisture, which is why Idriss swaps the highlighter for Weleda’s Skin Food, a balmy, rich face cream. “I take a wet beauty blender, and I put a little drop of the Weleda on that beauty blender, and I apply it to the high points of my face,” she shares. 

She winds up with three dots on her cheekbones, a dot on each side of her forehead, and a dot on the tip of her nose, but feel free to add more wherever you see fit (Personally, I also like to highlight right underneath my brow bone.) 

Bounce the sponge gently to blend, but don’t let the moisturizer fully melt into your skin. “Allow it to stay on the surface of your face without getting absorbed too much,” says Idriss, so “you’ll look overall nice and dewy.” If the product soaks in, you’ll lose that subtle shine.  

And there you have it: A hack to make your cheekbones pop without accentuating any textural concerns. Of course, you’ll want to have a moisturizing base before you even begin your makeup routine; think of the face cream as an extra tap of hydration for that fresh, dewy glow. 


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