Gabby Bernstein's Favorite Eye Cream "De-Puffs Like No Joke"


At present, I’m sitting on a swinging bench in the basement of The Well—a private fitness and wellness center planted in the heart of New York City—listening to New York Times bestselling author Gabby Bernstein discuss her cherished beauty and wellness routine. With the gentle sway of the chair and Bernstein’s soothing, slightly raspy voice, the world around me easily slips away, and the interview almost feels like a private meditation. (I had the pleasure of participating in one of her guided meditation sessions just moments before, so this feels like an extra treat.) 

Don’t get me wrong, there were moments during our chat when I immediately perked up and almost did a double take (just wait until she spills her nightly wind down ritual), but if I had to describe the essence of her routine, I would call it serene. Even after leaving The Well’s cozy oasis and stepping out into the loud, NYC streets, I felt noticeably calmer all day. Bernstein just has the ability to make you feel at peace. 

She also simply radiates light—throughout our conversation, she stops to thank every single person who strolls past—and she certainly has the glowing skin to match. Below, you can find Bernstein’s must-have products for that lit-from-within radiance, plus the hi-tech tools she uses on the daily. 


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