Green Thumbs Agree: These Are The 15 Absolute Best Houseplants For Beginners


The first rule of (green) thumb: Don’t just buy the prettiest plant you see in the shop and bend over backward trying to take care of it! Instead, Danuelle Doswell and Mignon Hemsley, founders of the online plant shop Grounded say that the right plant will fit in with your space and lifestyle; not the other way around.

“Every home (and even room) offers a completely different environment, so you’ll want to choose plants that’ll thrive specifically with your natural light and humidity levels,” echoes Brooke Blocker of Outside In. You’ll also want to consider how often you travel, what the temperature is in your space, and how much time you have to put towards tasks like watering and fertilizing. The closer you’re able to mimic the natural conditions the plant comes from, the better chance you’ll have at success.

While the perfect pick will vary from person to person, there are some houseplants that are generally considered low-maintenance and easy to care for—either because they don’t need much water, can survive in low light, can withstand a few weeks of neglect, are resistant to pests and diseases, or a combination of all of the above. So without further adieu, you’re a beginner, plant experts recommend starting your search with the 15 options below.


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