Hate The Feeling Of Sinking Into A Bed? This Mattress Could Be Your Solution


Hybrid mattresses have boomed in popularity over the last decade, allowing sleepers to reap the benefits of different mattress materials. In the case of Saatva’s Latex Hybrid, the combo provides the firm support of an innerspring base with the responsive, bouncy feel of a latex foam. Designed to sleep cool, the mattress has five different layers, starting with a base pad made from organic cotton.

The second layer is made of up individually pocketed coils, which limit motion transfer and maximize airflow. The coils offers different levels of support based on their location in the mattress; the springs around the perimeter of the bed are firmer to prevent the edges from sagging.

There’s also extra support in the middle of the mattress, where weight tends to concentrate in your hips and lower back. This ensures your spine stays in line throughout the night to prevent morning aches and pain.

Next up, there’s a perforated 3-inch layer of latex foam that gives the mattress a super responsive, bouncy feel. If you’re a combination sleeper who likes to switch positions throughout the night, then you’ll find this added bounce a benefits. (It’s also a win for late night rendezvous between the sheets.)


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