Friends i am sure all of you will have had some or the other worst experience of life, or maybe someone is going through one. So lets take an example of Sun. Sun burns itself  severely from inside and gives us light. This light helps millions and trillions of living being to survive. Similarly, when we go through a worst experince in life, we burn oueselves from inside severely and come out with a new kind of energy. 

Feel the scenario, where you go through a struggle and your soul comes out with a special kind of feeling, more maturity to deal with this life. Which makes us internally more stronger. When we all will become ole we will realise that the worst experiences are the best experiences in life. the reason for this is worst experiences teach us the best lessons of life. Life always keeps teaching. every second of life has something to teach. Make most of your every second in life. Respect time by learning something new every second, time will respect you.

Alright friends i hope this has helped you. Please go ahead and comment about your thoughts and please let me know in the comments about the lastest challenge you are facing in life, i love to help you by giving some advice. Also don’t forget to follow to see my further upcoming posts.  I love you all. 

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