Healthier life, Better Confidence


As I stated in the beginning, my confidence was at an all time low mainly because of how my life was going. Downhill was the only direction it was going. I needed something that was going to uplift my spirit and get me going. As I also stated in the beginning I made the decision and live a life that’s closer to God. That was only step one of process.

What’s Step 2?

Step 2 involved me getting into the best shape as possible to perform in front of Professional football scouts. I needed help with this transformation so a good friend but more like a brother offered to help reach this goal. We began in January. We trained every single day. A lot of hardworking, consistency and dedication was put into the process.

Unfortunately, I sustained an injury that didn’t allow me to perform in front of the pro scouts. I was heart broken and thought all that work I put in was for nothing.

I was wrong!

All that work that was put in didn’t go in vain. After three months of vigorous training and not being showcase my talents to the scouts, I thought to myself. Why should I stop just because things didn’t go my way? I’ve reached my limits plenty of times while but always managed to find new limits every single time.

I made a choice to continue consistently working out. It gave me the opportunity to push my mind and body beyond their new limits. Now I have the body that I’ve always wanted since a kid. Living the healthy lifestyle raised my confidence level ten fold. I’m not that shy, butter ball looking guy no more. Now, I’m more of a “fear doesn’t stop me” type of guy. And I’m loving it!


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