If you’ve told your friend you’re in love with them but the feelings aren’t reciprocated, letting them know may bring you some relief from the what-ifs, which will help you move on. If you haven’t told them but want to move on anyways, just know that letting go of your feelings won’t happen overnight. So be patient. 

To help move it along, remember your worth and that you deserve to be with someone who will take the risk of being with you at all costs because they care about you that much. It could also help to look at your friend and the connection realistically too. 

Maybe you two really get along, but you don’t have the same life goals, so a commitment doesn’t work. Or they make you laugh, but you don’t agree with their political ideologies. Keep those incompatibilities in your mind.

In the meantime, uphold clear and respectful boundaries and give each other space. This can look like limiting how often you spend time with each other, contacting them less, and restricting physical touch. After taking a break and you feel differently, you can rebuild the friendship to something clear and transparent. 

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