Here's Everything (Yes, Everything!) You Need To Know About Going Gray


Whether you decide to cover your whole head with color or embrace the silver coming in, lean on your stylist’s or colorist’s expertise. “To avoid jeopardizing the health of the hair, you need a long-term plan,” says celebrity colorist Abby Haliti. “This may take a few salon visits, but it is so worth it when you have the results you desired in the end and didn’t risk the health of your hair.” A hair pro will help you evaluate your (many!) options, teach you about your gray hair’s nuance, give you product recommendations, and more. 

Because ultimately, there are several routes you can take when you start to go silver. For example, if your white strands are sporadic, you may consider blending them in with highlights (it’s often called “silver blending.”) Or if you’ve been dyeing your entire head, but now want to embrace the natural color, they can help make the process smoother—to avoid a blunt line. And if you only have a few gaps at target spots, they’ll help you find your perfect color match and “spot treat” with dye—so you don’t have to commit to a full process if you don’t want to. 

In addition to advice about the color itself, they can help you find a new cut to complement your texture and platinum locks. While changing your style isn’t necessarily, it can help give your gray strands a fresher appearance. 


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