Here’s How To Get Into The Growth Mindset (Psst… It’s Connected To Success)


Do you think intelligence is something you can develop over time or do you consider it a fixed trait? Are you driven by the consuming goal of proving yourself over and over again—in a classroom, in a career, or in a relationship? Are you terrified of being ordinary? Do you feel the need to be perfect today, not tomorrow? 

In MINDSET, you’ll learn how a simple belief about yourself—a belief that Carol Dweck discovered in her research—guides a large part of your life and is a critical factor that helps you either achieve your potential or holds you back. In fact, mindset permeates every part of your life. Much of what you think of as your personality actually grows out of whether you embrace a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. 

You’ll suddenly understand what separates the greats—in the sciences and arts, in sports, and in business—from the would-have beens. You’ll better understand your partner, your boss, your friends, your kids. You’ll see how to unleash your potential as well as the potential of those around you. You have a choice to make. Mindsets are just beliefs. They’re powerful beliefs, but they’re just something in your mind, and you can change your mind. As you read this article, think about where you’d like to go and which mindset will take you there.


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