Here’s Why Clothing Rental Is About To Be Your New Favorite Fall Obsession


Fall puts us in the mood for fashion—but clothing rental helps us cultivate fresh, fall looks without the fast-fashion ick. Renting our clothing, versus hitting the store for every upcoming event or change of season, is already eco-friendly. But Nuuly has an extra eye on sustainability: their orders are shipped in recycled, and reusable totes with zero plastic packaging. Their clothes are cleaned with energy and water-efficient methods, and are repaired or upcycled when necessary—instead of destination landfill. 

Clothing rental is a sustainable way to participate in fashion, but undoubtedly more sustainable for our finances, too. When you rent with Nuuly, you get to wear more—sometimes thousands of dollars worth of clothing per month—while spending less. The Down For You Shirt Jacket by Free People, for example, retails at $198—but is one of six items you get with your $88 monthly subscription. You still get all those “brand new outfit” feels, without the spending scaries.


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