Here’s Why Feeding Your Dog Fresh Food Is Better For Pets, Parents, And the Planet


In addition to the nutritious benefits of Freshpet’s Nature’s Fresh recipes, this brand is paving the way for a future of sustainable pet food with their responsible sourcing. Through partnerships with regenerative family farmers, Freshpet is working to change the world—one bowl of sustainably farmed food at a time. Just take their certified humanely-raised chicken, grown without antibiotics on a family-owned farms. Similarly, Freshpet sources their beef from a cooperative of family farms, where animal welfare and regenerative farming practices are a priority. 

By partnering with regenerative family farmers, Freshpet is able to support a more sustainable future—and examples abound. These farmers use practices like cover cropping to reduce water use, plus crop rotation to help restore the health of the soil and biodiversity. The pesticide-free practices of these farmers also help protect the overall ecosystem, while avoiding the harmful runoff that occurs when pesticides reach our water sources. Beyond their partnerships, Freshpet even uses wind energy to power their kitchen (#goals).


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