Any skincare aficionado knows it’s a cardinal sin to go to bed without washing your face. In fact, sleep specialist Shelby Harris Psyd, DBSM previously told mbg she never goes to bed without washing her face and putting on moisturizer.

And don’t forget about the rest of your body! Not only is a hand or foot massage incredibly relaxing, but when paired with a soothing cream, it’s that much more luxurious. This is why mbg’s assistant beauty editor, Hannah Frye, has been loving Alo’s Magic Multi Balm.

“About a year ago I started setting aside 5-10 minutes before bed to massage my hands and my feet. This ritual helps me relax and gives these often neglected skin surfaces a little TLC. My newest go-to product is the Magic Multi Balm from Alo—I’m always shocked at how good my skin feels when I wake up. It’s been on my nightstand since it launched, and I don’t plan to swap it out soon. Use it on your hands, feet, elbows, or anywhere else prone to dryness,” Frye says.

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