Its very common for people to make excuse after excuse…but what we dont realise is that the habit of making excuses harms us so much! Some excuses are genuine true but most of it is a lie which we unknowingly say it very easily both to others and our self too!

Some common excuses can be like not having time or cannot do this work because of others /environment ,or what will others think, or thinking that one is not fit to do certain things ,its not easy to do so,” Its not my cup of tie”,” I will try next time” etc

How can we avoid making excuses?

 1 Stop being lazy

You know  habit of making excuse over a time becomes so powerful that we actually become lazy and keep on avoiding things that we wish we must try which just lead to a boring life!

2. Get rid of fear of failure

I feel its ok to be wrong sometimes but its not at all ok to make excuse and not even trying. We must give ourself freedom to explore and also to commit mistakes.

Its better to fail rather then regreting of not trying!

3.Try not to Blame others

We must start to take up responsibility of our action…we must not always be like this didn’t work out well because of her or him or because of environment etc as kids does! If it was your mistake commit it and try to learn from it.

4.Get out of Comfort zone

Just push yourself to unknown things, try out something new something exciting..Have some craze… Just try it out and see the magic!

5.  Dont underestimate your Capability

We  have much more ability then we actually know…its just that we under estimate it because of lack of will power. Just have faith in yourself ,try your best and leave the rest.When you feel that you cant ask yourself ” WHY NOT?”

6. Stop Judging yourself !

We must stop judging  ourself and start loving and respecting ourself. Instead of saying I am ugly, I am fat, thin, etc… Just say that you are happy and you love yourself…

7.Focus on things which actually matters a lot.

Focus on things which is actually important and you cannot take a chance..Certain things means a lot in our life…like choosing a carrier, finding a job, engaging into relation or our dreams … whether the decision is big or small  dont let the excuse eats away your best version. 

8. Don’t wait for opportunities

Many a times we say its not the correct time and end up in postponing things , if you want to do certain thing just do it …or else you will end up in never doing that work at all. Just ask yourself now or never…you will get the answer!

9.Don’ t look for easy things

We feel certain things are difficult and because of which we never try it… But reality is there is no fun in easy things what lies their is a sense of comfort which we feel but is actually a insecurity of our thoughts.Its just that we dont want to take risk.

10.Comparison and jealousy 

Dont compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique and special in their own way.. Never compare yourself its actually like you are insulting  your ownself and it also that  comparison will either lead to jealousy or it will boost your ego! If you feel that someone is better then you, hang with them learn from them…


Whatever excuse we make it all represents that we dont agree the fact ,where we dont take responsibility of our life and actions. Thus Trust yourself more then the excuse!

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