How Often Should You Actually Condition Your Hair? We Asked The Pros


The not-so-surprising answer: “I would recommend always shampooing and conditioning the hair together,” LA-based stylist and Andrea Jaclyn, founder of Bomane Salon, tells mbg. Shampoo is great for cleansing the strands and the scalp, but it will likely leave your hair a bit thirsty for moisture. Just like you wouldn’t wash your face without following up with moisturizer, you’ll want to feed your strands with nutrients post-cleanse.

If you rinse your hair with just water, you may be fine to skip the conditioner, but always reach for hydrating leave-in products if your strands feel dry post-rinse. So the quick and simple answer: You should condition your hair every time you shampoo.

If you have really dry hair, you may even want to fold in a conditioner-only wash (aptly called a “co-wash“). “Co-washing—or, conditioner washing—allows the gentler cleansing without the drying detergents that can harm the scalp and hair. Also, co-washing protects the integrity and strength of the hair while maintaining its natural oils,” hairstylist Miko Branch, founder of natural hair care brand Miss Jessie’s, previously told mbg

How you choose to condition is a whole other matter, and it’s a bit more nuanced. In addition, some conditioners may be better suited for certain hair types. 


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