How to be smarter?


Smarter person is not one who know to move right but one who know how to win.”

How to be smarter?

Going straightway to the point,here is the list of  few things that can make us smarter…

1.Maintaining health.

Eating proper diet, avoiding junk food ,drinking plenty of water,helps your body a lot. When you feel good from inside it reflects outside too!

2.Exercise and meditation.

Exercise makes your body fit and flexible and meditation makes your mind perform better. Clearing your stupid thoughts and negativity in mind actually helps to be bold and strong.

3. Reading, understanding and applying.

What makes us unique is our knowledge ..If we know ,then only we can share! Reading new books explores our mind to different situations. As we must eat healthy food same way we must feed our mind with healthy thoughts,right knowledge. The more we understand the better we become.

4.Questioning and Reasoning.

We must always develop a habit of questioning. Its about why to do certain things in that way why cant this way or just try questioning  things around you. Trust me its very interesting.

5.Quick decisions.

A smarter person is clear in his ideas. He know what to do when to do and how to do… He also have plan B if the idea doesn’t work out. Dont confuse yourself too much.. take right decision at right time. Be bold with your decisions

6. Communication skill.

We must work on communication skill, body language, maintaining eye contact ,speak confidently etc..For building on our language we can just join some short term courses or see some videos and learn it.

7.Fashion and looks

You dont require to be very fashionable to be smarter its just that wearing clothes that makes you look and feel better.  Try out different fashion trends…

8.Face fear

Just face your fear….and go beyond the sky.
Once you face your fear you will understand fear is just an illusion of mind.

9. Time management

Doing all the things in time is one of the challenging things.Remember whenever you say you dont have time you are fooling yourself. Plan your days…have time for each and everything!

10.Attitude and behaviour

What makes you smart is your thoughts and the way you think is reflected on your attitude ,behaviour and action..  So if the thoughts are wrong then the whole chain goes wrong.

11. Challenge yourself

Just push yourself forward, do something out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to do new things, take risk, and explore opportunities.

 12.Be positive even if situations are negative.

Smarter person is one who lives his life best..and the best starts from positive attitude. Just keep on motivating yourself and try your best. Dont live to impress others but live to explore yourself!

13. Develop unique strategies.

Just think, plan take actions, develop strategies not just in business but to perform better in life too!

14. Discuss with others

Dont discuss the bad things of some person with someone instead discuss ideas, exchange views, thoughts and  knowledge.

15. Wisdom

Dont just live your life as storage device which can store tons of information!
Knowledge can be be grabbed anywhere but the way of using is up to us.

16. Try to keep on learning new things

Keep learning new things no matter whether it benefits you or not! Learning makes you better . Its like upgrading your system.


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