How To Choose A Treadmill For Walking Vs. Running (Plus, Our Top Picks)


Calling all power walkers, hikers, joggers, runners, and boot campers, whether you’re in multi-task mode or in a fun-run mood, the Peloton Tread makes every step count. It offers real-time tracking of speed, mileage, pace splits, heart rate zones, elevation, and more that’ll help you stay motivated as you build your own custom workout routine. The brand offers classes for just about every kind of training, including on-tread programs such as walking, hiking, and running, plus off-tread courses like boxing, strength training, and barre. 

The speed and incline knobs easily adjust controls without breaking your stride. If you’re taking a class, simply adjust your settings to auto-incline and the machine will automatically follow your instructor’s cues, no manual adjustments necessary. Its impressive 23.8-inch HD touch screen and sleek body give this treadmill modern appeal—and its most unique feature is the Body Scan which shows you the muscles you’ve targeted in your sessions. 

While this machine is applause-worthy, the reviews lay it bare: the treadmill itself is not the only reason people choose to buy Peloton. It’s for the classes and community. One reviewer writes, “This treadmill is one of the best I’ve ever used. My body feels incredibly supported while using it. Not only is it a high quality treadmill, but when paired with the workouts from Peloton, it’s a wonderful way to keep up with my miles over the winter and even throughout the year. I love the extra motivation from the instructors.”


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