how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts

Want to know how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide struggle with this problem. This article will share some ways to overcome it. Listed below are a few of them:

Divert your attention away from intrusive thoughts

We all experience intrusive thoughts from time to time. Whether they’re harmless random thoughts or more serious issues, they can affect us in many ways. Whether you think about your job, family, friends, hunting, or even your core values, these thoughts can be debilitating. You may even feel afraid or frightened when these thoughts occur. Your response to these thoughts will strengthen the intrusive thought. To combat these intrusive thoughts, here are some techniques.

The most effective way to deal with intrusive thoughts is to learn to redirect them. For instance, you can try grounding exercises, which use mental categories and detailed pictures to distract your attention from the intrusive thoughts. By engaging your senses, you will engage in a non-repetitive activity and break the cycle of rumination. Also, try observing your thoughts and how they make you feel. Try to remember that these intrusive thoughts are simply your brain’s way of processing something.

If you want to clear your mind and get rid of intrusive thoughts once and for all, you have to understand that they are just that – thoughts. Once you can accept the intrusive thought as a mere thought, it will decrease your worry over time. You may also want to journal about your experiences and find patterns in them. These patterns can help you understand why you’re having these intrusive thoughts and what you can do to eliminate them.


Smiling is a proven method for clearing your mind. According to research, the act of smiling induces a positive emotional response in our brains. A smile can trick our brains into thinking positively, which is good news for those who suffer from depression. Other ways to boost our mood are to watch funny videos, look at old pictures, listen to your favorite music, or learn how to make ourselves laugh.

According to University of Kansas researchers, smiling reduces stress and heart rate, even when we are in a stressful situation. It is also linked to lower blood pressure and increased longevity. Besides the scientific benefits of smiling, many people swear by its positive impact on their lives. Travel writer Clemens Sehi uses smiles to set a friendly tone with strangers. These benefits can be felt immediately, making smiling even more important.

The art of smiling is an art. By practicing, you will learn to engage your mind and release unwanted thoughts. Gratitude helps us feel more positive and relaxed, and this state of mind makes it easier to change our thoughts. Laughing can also make us forget about our troubles, and watching funny movies can help us escape our everyday lives and break the cycle of overthinking. If you’re struggling to smile, try thinking of a happy memory that has made you smile.


Laughter improves mood, lowers blood pressure, and activates neural pathways for emotions. It helps relieve stress by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with happiness and clarity. Laughter also decreases anxiety and increases the release of other positive hormones in the brain. It strengthens the immune system by reducing the release of stress-inducing neurotransmitters. And, it helps us fight diseases by increasing our levels of neuropeptides.

Studies have shown that laughing boosts your immune system. Dopamine, a chemical released in the brain during laughter, increases activity of natural killer cells (NKs). These cells are the primary defense against illness. Low NK activity is associated with higher rates of cancer and poorer health outcomes in HIV patients. Laughter could, theoretically, help prevent disease. But how can you make sure that your immune system is working optimally?

Researchers have found that laughter boosts your health. Laughter can relieve stress, boost your overall wellbeing, and help tone your core muscles. Laughter also helps to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, which are the main causes of depression and other disorders. By practicing laughter regularly, you will notice a significant increase in productivity and resilience. The positive effect of laughter is based on numerous scientific studies. So, what is laughter?

Keep a journal of intrusive thoughts

You might be having intrusive thoughts because you have a traumatic past or bad childhood. These thoughts can cause you to overthink certain things, especially if they keep resurfacing. To eliminate intrusive thoughts, you need to face the root of the problem and address it. Keeping a journal of intrusive thoughts can help you identify what is triggering these negative thoughts and get rid of them.

To learn how to manage your intrusive thoughts, you need to identify which ones are rational and which are irrational. A rational thought is based on facts and evidence, while an irrational thought is based on feelings of fear, insecurity, and doubt. You can distinguish between the two by writing down the thoughts you find distressful and rational in nature. Once you understand which ones are rational, it becomes much easier to identify how to react to them and avoid letting them occupy your mind.

Another good way to handle intrusive thoughts is to acknowledge them as thoughts rather than actions. Recognizing these thoughts as just that will reduce their impact over time. You may also find that you have a pattern of intrusive thoughts, and can eliminate them by noticing patterns and identifying them. Insights into these thoughts will help you move on to other parts of your life.


There are many different ways to exercise your mind to clear unwanted thoughts, and there are also many types of exercises that can help you do this. For example, counting to ten or breathing exercises are excellent ways to clear your mind. Resistance training is another option that can help clear your mind and give you energy. While many people find that these exercises are not very effective, they have a number of advantages. Whether you’re looking for a way to get in shape, a more energetic lifestyle, or just a new hobby, there’s a way to do this.

One of the best ways to clear your mind is to exercise regularly. Exercise helps you feel better and can even improve your decision-making. It increases blood flow to the frontal cortex, which is connected to executive-type thinking processes. Practicing this activity for 20 minutes a day can increase neural activity in the frontal cortex and help you make better decisions. Exercise is a great way to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts and improve your overall quality of life.

If you don’t have enough time for a full workout, break the exercise into shorter sessions. Even if you’re short on time, you can always start with a five-minute walk. After your workout, treat yourself with a delicious smoothie or an extra episode of your favorite show. Whatever you choose, remember to do it regularly and you’ll reap the benefits. So don’t wait any longer. Get moving and start reaping the rewards!

Repetition of a personal mantra

Repetition of a personal mantra helps you focus on the present moment by quieting your mind and reducing cerebral cortex activity. This has a calming effect, making you less likely to worry and be tense. You can also choose a mantra that speaks to you. A simple mantra like “Om” can help you calm down and focus. But it must be meaningful to you.

To start repeating a mantra, you should sit comfortably, with your back straight and your body relaxed. Close your eyes if necessary. While repeating the mantra, focus on the vibration of the sound in your body. Do not allow your mind to wander or focus on anything unrelated to the mantra. If you can, repeat the mantra slowly and without looking up. If you can’t concentrate on your mantra, try a slow breathing technique and gradually increase your pace.

Although there are limited scientific studies to back up this practice, many people swear by it and find it very effective. People have reported better concentration and better focus after repeating a mantra. Besides the benefits in improving concentration, repetition of a personal mantra can also improve your brain’s health. Several brain scans show that a person who practices mantra regularly will benefit from the benefits.


You might be wondering how to clear your mind of distractions. It can be difficult to turn off your cell phone and go without emails. There are several ways to do it. One method involves sensory deprivation, which is a kind of retreat or private oasis where you’re free from outside stimulation. Unplugging your mind from all technology is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Here are a few tips to help you relax and unplug.