How To Embrace Rebirth & Reinvention This Scorpio Season, From An Astrologer


As far as the important dates to watch out for this Scorpio season, Quinn says you’ll want to pay close attention to the new moon partial solar eclipse on October 25, as well as the lunar eclipse on November 8. “This is a two-week portal where things basically speed up—we’re gonna see a lot of unexpected blessings come in during that time,” she notes.

Venus will also be closest to the sun at the very beginning of Scorpio season, which, according to Quinn, will highlight themes around love and relationships. “So with a Scorpio new moon, a partial eclipse, and Venus being directly next to the sun, this is a great time to speak your truth on your relationships,” she adds.

And lastly, don’t expect things to necessarily be smooth sailing. Although Saturn is about to leave retrograde at the end of this month, Mars is about to enter it, which Quinn says is likely to bring up a lot of karma, and namely, karmic lessons.

Karmic lessons are very much tied to our rebirth processes, because usually whatever is holding us back are old karmic lessons, so those are going to feel extra strong and extra loud towards the end of October with this Saturn placement,” she explains.


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