How to improve communication skills?


How to improve communication skills?

There are few basic things that can help us a lot to improve the way we talk…after all it is the way of expressing ourself… So lets get started…

In order to communicate we are required to learn different languages..When we are learning new language it is required to give attention, efforts and interest.

         Even if we know the meaning of words the way we use makes a lot of difference!


   Whether we are speaking on stage or speaking to unknown person ,or speaking to great person or speaking to friends , smaller group in office, or to our family…it is very much required to master the art of communication skills..

Tips for improving communication skills:


This is the thing which we take it lightly….We just understand the meaning of languages but we dont take up habit of listening and observing others.When we were kids we have understood by just listening, observing and repeating and thats why we are so comfortable in speaking language which we know from our childhood!  So what are you waiting for ? just start observing the way people speak,the body language they use,the accent they make and one can also watch some videos …it will help a lot.


Try experimenting with new words… One can read books , it has not just power to change the way we talk but also can change the way we think!



Take a little extra interest to practice and master the art of communication skills.

 It will take communication skill to the next level! The more one practice , the more better he becomes.


After learning the language well ,one must learn to think in that language! For example, If one had learned english and his mother tongue is hindi then he must try to think in english and speak in english directly, But if he  think in hindi and translate in english,

then it looks artificial, it feels like we are not naturally saying those words and fluency is badly hampered!


This is one of the most important for effective communication. If we are not confident inside then it is reflected on our words and sentences As said ,we can practice in front of mirror and imagine that our reflection is the audience. It may help in some way….


When it comes to stage or when we are pushing our limits we get little nervous .But this can actually ruin the amazing movement which would have been occurred if we were not nervous! Feel ok that if you go wrong but do your best so that there is no regret for lifetime!


It is required that one speak friendly,by giving other person chance to keep their thoughts. Dont bore other person!  Dont just think about speaking well but also take care whether the other person is understanding it or not.

8. ENERGY level

The tone and volume of speech is also important. It is required to maintain proper energy level. Because our energy level shows whether we are interested in speaking  or not..If it looks that we are only not interested then imagine what will be the interest of the one who is listening to us?


In certain speeches and communication we can add humor in  between to make the conversation more lighter … It helps us to interact and connect with the audience.


It is required to learn when you must pause and when you must continue back!

Without pause conversation will become boring and difficult to understand clearly.

        The speed you are saying sentence is also important it should be too speedy nor it should be too slow as it disconnects the audience or the listener!


Whether we are interacting a big group or small ,the body language becomes very important,like maintaining proper eye contact, gestures,and other actions we make while speaking. 

12.RESPECT others

Dont be rude in conversations. Be polite and humble. Respect other person…

13.Get rid of SHYNESS

Sometimes we become shy and feel awkward because of which we don’t communicate our best…Even if a person is introvert he can still keep on trying and talk freely and can make communication more effective.


 It is a good way to start  conversation…It can help to connect with others more effectively.But it should look natural and should not overly done!


Make sure that other person is listening to you, you can ask questions to them to make sure that they are well attentive.


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