How To Make The Most Of This Coming Pisces Season, From An Astrologer


Pisces season kicks off on February 18, with the new moon in Pisces just two days later. As astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mindbodygreen, we’re still feeling the beneficial effects of all the planets moving direct (AKA none are in retrograde), encouraging all of us to put energy into our goals and manifestations.

“Specifically,” she says, “Pisces season is going to be great for dreaming, for creative visualization, and for tapping into your intuition and allowing yourself to explore the astral realm and meditation.” After all, Pisces is easily the dreamiest and most whimsical of the signs, offering us a great opportunity to get clear on our literal and figurative dreams.

When Aries season begins next month, then we can focus on taking action. But for now, Quinn explains, the name of the game is dreaming up what you want.

She adds that Pisces is also particularly loving and sensitive, so we may all feel a bit more emotional in the coming weeks—and that is OK. Honoring your emotions and sensitivities is only natural during this watery season.

In terms of important dates to watch out for, here’s what to have on your radar:


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