This is one of those things that everyone deals with but no one ever really talks about. There is not one person on this earth that has not dealt with rejection in one form or another. So why is such a prevalent issue, and the main cause to so many other issues, just being swept under the rug or accepted as a normal part of life?

Because rejection is like a parasite; its main goal is to live inside of you and thrive on your detriment while it uses everything you have in you to fuel its life cycle.

Everything that has ever been created was created with a purpose, or a reason for being here, it is the drive that keeps us going. Rejections only goal is to take away that drive so that you loose your sense self worth, then eventually your sense of purpose, and inevitably lead you to lose your feeling of “having a reason for being here.” How many times have you or someone you may know have said, ” No one ever picks me” or ” I’m not gonna even try because I know I wont make it anyway,” and before you know it you have spent your life living out those exact same words: Never being picked, and never trying or accomplishing anything.

Many do not realize that the greatest damage rejection causes is usually self-inflicted. That is why this is something that is so hard to deal with because it is never easy to confront yourself. No matter the cause of rejection it is something that the only person that can overcome it is you. A lot of people try to deal with rejection with a new relationship, a change of environment or physical changes because they believe that the answers can be found in something tangible and they fail to realize where the change must first occur.

If someone spent a week without showering, and then takes a $500 bottle of perfume and sprays their entire body and dirty clothes with that perfume, not only will that not make them clean, but they might just end up smelling worse than they did before regardless of how expensive the perfume was. The truth is that masking a problem, in any way, only fuels it.

To be continued ….  How To Overcome Feelings Of Rejection Pt.2

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