Friends i am sure all of you have suffered at some point in life due to the loss of a loved one.  Its obvious that we suffer from a kind of depression which is incurable when we loose our dearly loved one. But give a certain threshold of time to yourself for feeling that sadness. When that time period gets over, just imagine that your loved one is in every breathe of yours. 

For example: i study masters in  computer science abroad, When i was abroad, i lost my dearly father, whom i loved the most. 

I was getting signals from the universe that there is a threat to my father’s life.I told my mother father and whole family. But noone believed me and instead consoled me. The bad dreams kept on continuing , as days passed on i started crying loudly in my room remembring my father. But i never told anyone that i was crying. When time was near, .i.e. one day before my fathers death i got a kind of strong nervousness and i was really upset. Then when it was next day morning, i wokeup with extreme sadness, eventhough i was not knowing about my fathers accident. After my shower, one of my friends called me up, and informed me that my father has met with an accident, and that my sister was with him. I was shocked, i didn’t even sleep last night and didn’t eat anything. Immediately after getting the information i called almost 20 people that day to get clues what was happening. Then one of my younger cousin picked up my call and i could see my own sweet home filled with people, then i was 99% sure that my father was no more, but that 1% hope kept me alive and still breathe (after 3 sleepless nights and 2 foodless days). Immediately i booked my tickets and left. While i was waiting for my flight in the airport i was chanting  the name of lord krishna, and crying loudly. 

Finally i arrived home. I kept on asking where is dad, can i go and meet him in the hospital. Then after coming home my family informed me that dad was already burried. I couldn’t sleep properly that night. Next day was my dad’s ritual. I was normally involved in it and after the rituals got over, on the same day night i was lying like a dead body with extremely no energy. I cried for 10 days, then i started to realise that my siblings and mother are still there. I need to be healthy for them. I started to treat my little small family like my kids, where my mother is my biggest kid, and my siblings are my younger kids. Then i started concentrating back on my studies.

From that day believe it or notmy dear friends, i can feel the presence of my dad’s positive energy around me. We are all positive energies residing in this mortal human body. All of us will meet our loved ones in heaven who are no more with us. Just feel the presence of the positve energy of your loved ones around you , its protecting you and guiding you to lead your life. Feel the positiveness in every moment of life. Feel alive, by doing whatever exites you.  For example: i jump, dance , run whenever i am alone,  it maybe on the streets or at my room. Just to get my blood pumping hard, which will inturn increase the heartbeats and that essence of being alive normally comes on our way.

Well, guys remeber life is all about feeling alive every moment of life. Forget the past, it was just a chapter of your life, where you have learnt something. Move forward to your present chapter, experience your present chapter. Expect worst and best chapters in the future chapters. Always seek your life as a chapter and see what it has to teach you something. Sun up there is the great inspiration. Look up to the sky and just say to yourself “I am a positive energy, noone can break me !!”.

Alright friends , if you all feel that it has helped you, please follow and comment about how did you feel, how were you motivated. Also comment any suggestions regarding what kind of posts you would expect me to write in future. I love you all , i love everyone on this earth. Good luck see you all in my next post.

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