How To Strengthen The Skin Barrier: 3 Nourishing Steps For Whole Body Care


If you fancy yourself a skin care enthusiast, you likely have an elaborate routine as to what, when, and how products are applied to your face. But what about skin from the neck down? Doesn’t our whole body deserve attention and care?

In the newest Beauty Breakdown, our beauty editor Alexandra Engler reminds us why it’s critical to strengthen the skin barrier of our whole body. (Hint: Neglecting it can lead to crepey appearance, fine lines, and sagging down the road.) Just as we spoil our face, a luxurious whole body care routine can be rewarding… And it starts with Nativa SPA’s Quinoa Firming Collection, made with super-concentrated quinoa oil to strengthen the skin barrier and hold onto hydration for a smooth and firm surface. In this video, you’ll learn the many skin-boosting benefits of quinoa—which research1 has proven to replenish the skin’s omega fatty acids 30 times better than coconut oil! So press play, and this 3-step ritual for better body care is all yours.


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