Sadly, we’re exposed to more environmental toxins today (e.g., pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, and plastics) than ever before. Without proper elimination of these unwanted compounds, they can make their home in our bodies and cause serious health issues down the road.

Our detoxification organs (i.e., the liver, kidneys, gut, lungs, skin, and lymph) are designed to promote the daily filtering and removal of these modern toxins. But thanks to the increasing toxic burden that each of us faces, the body’s intrinsic detox pathways need some extra support.

While intentionally supporting your detoxification system may drum up images of juice cleanses and detox teas, these short-term solutions are a thing of the past. As a certified health coach, certified nutrition consultant, and the creator of Healthy With Nedi, Neda Varbanova instead turns to innovative nutritional tools like mindbodygreen’s daily detox+ that bolster her detoxification system and help her properly eliminate modern environmental toxins.*

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