How To Treat Dark Spots, Fine Lines & Crepiness On Hands


Hands deal with a lot—from increased exposure to the environment, hand washing and sanitizing, to just day-to-day physical wear. That’s why the skin on your hands is often the first to show a lack of moisture, sensitivity, and yes, aging. In fact, signs of premature aging in the area are a very common concern for many folks: Wrinkles, crepiness, dark spots, and dryness can all show up on the hands with time. 

However, the skin on the hands is often not cared for with the same dedication as facial skin. So while many people use formulas to treat fine lines and age spots on the face, it’s not as common to have a healthy aging routine for your hands. And while we’re not recommending a full hand care overhaul and adopting a multistep routine post haste, having a high-quality hand cream (or two) that you use regularly can really do wonders for the skin. 

So we rounded up some of our favorite hand creams for aging skin—each with its own unique benefits and use case. Some are solid options for any time of the day, some are just night treatments, and others are for when you’re spending time outdoors. So regardless of your need, you’re sure to find one or two that will work for you. 


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