How To Use The *Final* Full Moon Of 2022 To Start Fresh


While Mars retrograde in Gemini may have you feeling antsy, don’t be afraid to slow your roll a bit. Full moons, after all, are ultimately about reflection and release.

Think back to what was going on in your life around the Gemini new moon last May 30. This was the beginning of the complete Gemini lunar cycle that’s now coming to a close, and subsequently, it’s time to let this cycle go—and just in time for the new year!

As the AstroTwins previously wrote for mbg, December’s full moon is also known as the “cold moon,” and it’s an ideal time to “rest, reset, and practice self-care as you reflect on the past 12 months.” And since this moon is in airy Gemini, they note, you can lean into Gemini qualities like curiosity and even a bit of flirtatiousness. “Chat with your friends and activate your throat chakra,” they add.

Consider doing any of your preferred full moon rituals of choice, keeping in mind that under the sign of Gemini, mental activity will be particularly high. Journaling out what you’d like to let go of could be especially beneficial under this moon, and to help yourself stay grounded and clear-headed, try doing a full moon meditation, such as this one:


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