I Ate Well & Worked Out But Was Still Bloated — Until I Tried This


Even Stiles, who’s taught yoga to thousands of people around the world, says sometimes she needs a little bit of extra help. And when she does, she turns to mindbodygreen’s probiotic+ supplement.

It has four specific strains that are geared toward gut health and comfort and supporting a healthy weight.* (Learn more about each one here.)

Stiles adds that she’s trusted mindbodygreen for over a decade. “They are trusted by so many people all around the world to bring the best ingredients and the top science to help you feel so much better,” she notes.

And she’s right—probiotic+ was specifically designed with only the best research-backed ingredients, in order to deliver you a top-of-the-line solution to ease bloating and support abdominal comfort.*

Take it from one of our happy customers, Monica V., who writes, “My stomach bloat was gone after consistently taking this for two weeks. Highly recommend!” or Lee M., who says, “I feel less bloated… I can’t imagine using any other probiotic at this point since I’ve used this well over 6 months now.”*


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