I Can't Stop Thinking About This Wellness Icon's Longevity-Focused A.M. Routine


Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone, feeling completely inspired to overhaul your life? Well, that’s exactly what happened after I chatted with entrepreneur and fitness personality Michael Chernow—and I have no doubt he has a similar impact on anyone in his orbit.

During our virtual meeting, we discussed some of his favorite ways to be healthy while traveling, and I related to all of them (walk everywhere you can, BYO healthy breakfast, stay hydrated, journal daily, and enjoy yourself). But what really turned my world upside down was hearing about his meticulous morning routine. I’m not exaggerating, his 90-minute a.m. kick-off is perhaps the most intense wellness regimen I’ve ever heard.

Chernow fully believes in the power of habit (look no further than his brand Kreatures of Habit for proof). And while I didn’t leave our convo ready to replicate his ritual, I was thoroughly inspired by the method to his morning: “Spending that first part of the day focusing on insanely selfish things ultimately convert into selfless things,” he shared. “I believe you are a far better human being for to the people around you. So I don’t look at those things as chores, I see them as critical to success in life.”

Now, without further ado, here’s a breakdown of his nonnegotiable well-being habits:


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