For my first reading, I opted for a text chat, as opposed to a call. (No option for video calls, BTW.) The quiz had matched me with a few readers, including one who is a self-reported clairvoyant and empath. She told me that my life themes were “caretaker, adventurer, and nurturer,” and that communication is the biggest key within my career. As a writer, I couldn’t help but agree.

But after roughly seven minutes of back and forth text, I realized at $4/minute, I was quickly racking up a bill. So for my next reading, I opted for a phone call.

The reader I chose second was a self-reported intuitive and third-generation psychic. Over a call, she told me that I had been putting others first too much, and that I was entering a time of healing and focusing on myself. To be honest, I think a lot of people would resonate with that—but it did, indeed, track with how I’ve been feeling lately, so I’ll give it to her.

She also asked for my date of birth, so I believe she was using something like numerology or astrology to base her reading off of, though I didn’t ask her how she was coming to these conclusions. (And if that sounds sketchy, you’ll be happy to know everything about you as a querent is anonymous, including your name.)

This reader had a lower rate per minute than the first reader, plus a lot more can be covered when you’re talking instead of typing, so take that into account. Still I kept my eye on the time because I was working with a fixed trial amount. She ended up giving me three free minutes for a future reading, which I appreciated, but I couldn’t help but feel was a low-key ploy to get me to spend more with her.

My third reading was another call with a reader who is self-reportedly clairaudient and clairsentient. She was probably my favorite of the three, because she got the most specific. For one thing, she told me I was going to write a book, and I feel like you couldn’t say that to just anyone—but writing a book happens to already be a life goal of mine.

This reader was the most expensive of the three, at $5/minute, and suddenly our relatively short call was a $50 expense.

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