I Struggled To Fall Asleep By 10 p.m. — Until I Tried This Supplement


If I don’t get enough of something from food, I want it in my supplements, so I was pleased to see magnesium—an essential mineral that we tend to need more of as we age—in the sleep formula. Plus, the form of magnesium in sleep support+, magnesium bisglycinate, is considered more bioavailable and easier to digest, which solved that problem I’d been having. Beyond the magnesium, the jujube and PharmaGABA® in sleep support+ seemed to be sourced carefully, which is important to me.

I decided to order a bottle and see how it went. After night one, I could already tell that it was working. It didn’t knock me out like other solutions I’d tried in the past; it just helped me relax and get into a calmer headspace before bed.* The capsules were easy to digest, and I was able to wake up in the morning with plenty of energy and zero grogginess. It was very effective right away.


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