I Struggled With Brain Fog & Low Mental Energy — Until I Found These Nootropics


The brain is a ridiculously complex organ, so it’s only fitting to take a multidimensional approach when supporting it. Both alone and combined, these nootropic supplements offer comprehensive cognitive support benefits that round out my foundational brain health habits beautifully. 

Thanks to neuronutrient citicoline, unique botanical kanna, and longevity polyphenol resveratrol, brain guard+ delivers brain nourishment and neuroprotective support to keep my mind sharp today and for the long term.* 

Meanwhile, with instant and sustained caffeine, Panax ginseng, L-theanine, guarana, and vitamin B12, focus+ covers my cognitive performance bases, helps keep me relaxed (but alert), and provides much-need sustained energy (plant-powered energy, mind you) throughout the day. *

While complementary, brain guard+ and focus+ are also intentionally unique in their targeted cognitive support formulas and functions. Robustly curated with full-potency, science-backed doses of each ingredient, these powerhouse supplements deliver palpable brain health support.* (A nootropic match made in heaven, if you will.) 


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